Here at the nursery we have people come in all the time willing to spend hundreds if not thousand dollars on landscape trees. This makes sense, they are investing in a quality landscape that will improve both the looks and livability of their home. What doesn’t make sense is that after the trees are planted there is no tree maintenance plan other than regular watering.

In nature trees seem to do a good job of taking care of themselves. There are no saws or arborists in nature to see that breakage or disease is checked and treated, but the reality is that there are huge losses of young and old trees due to all sorts of problems. This is a good thing in nature because natural competition assures that weak plants are less likely to breed and that the next generation has a reasonable chance to be as strong or stronger than their parents. But even so, trees in nature have a lot of problems with damage and disease. There are, in fact, a lot of ugly and sick wild trees.

We don’t have space to breed tougher trees in urban and suburban gardens. Nor can we take the risks of sick and broken trees. The trees we place here need to stay in the same spot for decades. Few if any homeowners are willing to let a forest take over their yard and none are gladly willing to see a weak tree fall on their house in hopes that they can find the strongest tree for the yard!

People are also reluctant to lose a tree that they spent money for. And as a tree salesman I will do my best to help you keep those trees alive. But I will need help. Through this year I will be posting blogs on tree care. Not all of these are intended to help you with hands on tree maintenance, some will be written with the intent to help you choose the right care professional.

So drop by every so often this year and check out our newest tips and help on tree care. It will make your trees healthier and reduce your costs in the long term.