After a bit of work we have a good selection of living Christmas trees ready for you to buy. We chose an assortment of different sizes and shapes, then made sure only two people are needed to move them. This includes our smallest trees that are only a foot to a foot-and-a-half tall right up to some great looking five footers.

‘Cupressina’ Columnar Norway Spruce makes a lovely narrow Christmas tree.

If you have more room in your house and some equipment to move a large living Christmas tree, we also have some great looking bigger trees in six foot sizes and taller. Just ask one of our sales associates and they will be glad to show you the selection. Either way we are sure that you will be just as pleased as we are when you see them.

There are a limited number of cut trees for those of you that may not have a place to plant a living tree. Whatever your choice in plants, we will have it all ready for you on Nov. 26. Feel free to drop buy and look at the selection from 9-5 weekdays. Saturdays are closed for the rest of the season.