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Tri City Nursery South

630 W 700 S,
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Spring/Summer/Fall Hours:
Starting Mid-March 2020
Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm
Closed Sunday

Winter Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Closed Saturday
Closed Sunday

Overgrown Trees

Caring for overgrown trees is one of the most common and painful subjects I am asked about.

Good Lawn Care

Good lawn care starts with a few basic rules. If you follow these rules, problems are easier to sort out when they happen and are just simply less likely to happen anyway. Mow at three inches or higher This will allow your grass to supply the energy to grow deep...

Dirt vs. Soil

Horticulturists are getting upset at folks calling soil dirt.

The Real Story About Dandelions and Bees

The Real Story About Dandelions and Bees

Tree Maintenance Plan

There are no saws or arborists in nature to see that breakage or disease is checked and treated,

Prepare for a Recession

Here are a few things that you can do right now to prepare for a recession.

When to Plant in the Spring!

When to plant in the spring is always one of the big questions that new gardeners have

A Good Landscape Can Save You Money!

Are you willing to keep paying the extra money keeping the heat out year after year?

Living Christmas Trees!

We have a good selection of living Christmas trees ready for you to buy!

Winter Leaf and Snow Control

Winter leaf and snow control is vital to your landscape!